Analysis of the main factors influencing the development of agricultural mechanization

In recent years, with the support of the central government’s policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers, the pace of agricultural mechanization development has been accelerated, and special funds have been invested to enhance the level of agricultural mechanization.

According to the statistics of the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of the Agricultural Commission, the degree of agricultural mechanization reached 95%, ranking first in the country. But we should also see that the province’s agricultural mechanization and agricultural modernization development requirements still exist a certain gap, the article in the analysis of the current factors affecting the development of mechanization, based on the proposed measures to optimize the level of agricultural mechanization, to accelerate the development of agriculture from mechanization to modernization provides a reference.

  Heilongjiang raw agricultural mechanization development factors affecting the development of

  (A) socio-economic factors

  First of all, the influence of urbanization development, more and more farmers go out to work, resulting in a sharp decline in the number of young and strong rural labor force, the agricultural development characteristics of the vast land and scarce people further highlighted.

For the elderly and children left behind in rural areas, on the one hand, they lack the ability to operate agricultural machinery and equipment, and on the other hand, they are physically weak and unable to perform a lot of physical labor.

Due to the lack of necessary technical personnel and operating personnel, the development of agricultural mechanization is also bound to be restricted.

Secondly, the income level of farmers is not proportional to the labor paid, which restricts the enthusiasm of farmers’ production. With the rise of rural land prices and labor prices, it directly leads to the increase of the cost of agricultural production activities.

For some farmers, the income obtained from a year of hard work is basically equal to the input of agricultural production, which to a certain extent intensifies the idea of farmers giving up agricultural production, and the promotion of agricultural mechanization is not effective.

  (B) agricultural production factors

  Agricultural machinery and equipment to play the value of the application, the farmers of agricultural machinery operation level put forward high requirements. In recent years, in order to better meet the needs of agricultural production, a large number of agricultural machinery and equipment with high technological content and rich practical functions are made and sold.

However, for the majority of farmers, their limited knowledge level and the lack of supporting training on the operation of farm machinery have led to their lack of proficiency in the operation of farm machinery equipment. Especially, some large agricultural equipment (e.g. harvesters, seeders, etc.), if operated improperly, will not only affect the order of normal agricultural activities, but also cause safety threats to the agricultural operators and surrounding farmers.

In addition, different agricultural production activities, the need for agricultural machinery and equipment are also different, farmers skilled in one or two agricultural machinery operation technology has been more difficult, it is difficult to have the energy to learn a variety of agricultural equipment operation skills, is also an important factor limiting the development of agricultural mechanization.

  (C) agricultural machinery management factors

  The propaganda strength of the local government in agricultural mechanization and the service level of the agricultural technology station directly affect the farmers’ understanding of and participation in agricultural mechanization.

For example, the local government publicizes the news and operation techniques related to agricultural mechanization with the help of TV stations, newspapers and radio, so that farmers can fully understand the application advantages of agricultural mechanization and thus dare to try it.

The sales price of agricultural equipment and after-sales service is also one of the factors affecting the development level of agricultural mechanization. With the increasing national subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, the sales price of agricultural equipment is becoming more and more popular, but the supporting degree of agricultural equipment still needs to be further strengthened.

  The new period for the development of agricultural mechanization requirements

  In order to vigorously develop China’s agricultural mechanization and promote the construction of agricultural modernization, China has put forward a clear subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and every year is increasing the subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery, which largely stimulates the demand of farmers for the purchase of agricultural machinery, to meet the development of agricultural mechanization and promote the agricultural production in China.

  The new period and new stage of the development of agricultural mechanization has put forward new requirements, but also the needs of the basis of agricultural production. Agricultural mechanization has played an important role in promoting the development of modern agriculture and improving the living standards and average annual income of farmers by improving the comprehensive production of agricultural development in China and ensuring the efficient production of agricultural products.

In order to meet the development requirements of the new period, to implement the new requirements of the Party for the development of agriculture, vigorously develop China’s agricultural mechanization, which is the only way to build modern agriculture, but also to promote China’s rural areas into a well-off society, to a large extent, to promote the mechanization of China’s agricultural production, promote the process of urbanization, and promote the early realization of the ambitious goal of a well-off society in rural areas.

  Feasible measures to promote the development of agricultural mechanization

  (A) to carry out technical training, improve the ability to operate agricultural machinery

  The inability of farmers to skillfully operate farm machinery equipment and the lack of professional training institutions for farm machinery operation are the main factors that restrict farmers from purchasing and using farm machinery equipment.

To address this problem, local governments and relevant departments should regularly carry out training activities on farm machinery operation techniques, organize farmers in the region to participate in training and education, and comprehensively improve farmers’ farm machinery operation level.

The training time should be chosen during the agricultural leisure time to avoid affecting the normal agricultural production activities; the training content should not only cover the operation technology of farm machinery equipment, but also the daily maintenance of farm machinery equipment to improve the service life of farm machinery equipment; the training form can be used in batches, teacher training, etc. to realize the organic combination of theoretical education and practical operation to effectively improve the farm machinery operation ability of the farmers.

Through technical training, it can also enhance farmers’ satisfaction, so as to attract more farmers to participate in the use of agricultural equipment.

  (B) Focus on publicity and promotion and provide supporting services

  Some farmers stick to traditional farming concepts and do not know much about the advantages of the application of farm machinery equipment. Local government and agricultural machinery department should make use of various channels to promote the advantages of agricultural mechanization to farmers.

For example, local TV or radio stations can be used to broadcast agricultural mechanization advertisements during prime time every day, and the content of the advertisements should be as vivid as possible and close to reality, which can help farmers understand more intuitively the role played by agricultural equipment in promoting agricultural production, and then stimulate them to try to use agricultural equipment.

Of course, only publicity and promotion is not enough, but also need to improve the supporting services. For example, in the process of using agricultural equipment, due to operational errors or other factors, quality problems will inevitably occur, and farmers often do not have the ability to repair agricultural equipment, so the agricultural machinery sector needs to provide corresponding agricultural machinery fault detection and maintenance services.

In addition, it is also very important to explain to farmers the necessary knowledge of equipment maintenance, regular testing and maintenance can effectively reduce the probability of equipment failure, that is, to reduce maintenance costs, but also to ensure the normal development of agricultural production activities.