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Preliminary discussion on the construction of teaching quality assurance system for master’s degree in agricultural mechanization and agricultural extension

  The development of agricultural mechanization cannot be separated from the construction of high-level talents, and the master of agricultural extension mainly cultivates high-level composite talents in the promotion and application of agricultural technology. Our universities are still in the exploration stage of agricultural extension master training, and need to improve and perfect it continuously to make it more standardized, systematic and scientific.

In recent years, agricultural mechanization agricultural extension master’s degree education has been developed rapidly, but in the daily teaching and management process there are some problems

(1) The source of graduate students in this field is diverse, with large differences in age and knowledge structure.
(2) The teaching method of combining theory and practice in the curriculum is less applied and cannot effectively transform scientific and technological knowledge into productivity.
(3) The construction of “dual tutor” team in universities is generally imperfect, and it cannot establish the teaching methods and approaches that can be adapted.
(4) The dissertation topics and contents are generally disconnected from agricultural production practice and not innovative enough, and there is no effective guarantee system for the evaluation and quality assessment of the dissertation.

  Due to the short time of agricultural mechanization master’s education, the quality assurance system of postgraduate education is not perfect, and the relevant policies and measures are not well adapted to the development needs.
Therefore, it is especially important to build a perfect teaching quality assurance system for agricultural mechanization master’s degree in agricultural extension.

  1 Agricultural mechanization agricultural extension master training and management system construction

  The diversity of the student source structure of agricultural mechanized agricultural extension master’s degree determines that in the specific cultivation process, it is necessary to categorize students with different comprehensive quality, business background and social practice, and to formulate the rules and regulations of enrollment, cultivation, management to degree conferral of agricultural mechanized agricultural extension master’s degree in accordance with the requirements of the National Agricultural Extension Master’s Degree Education Steering Committee.

  The teaching of master’s degree in agricultural extension has certain difficulties and relatively high requirements for instructors. Most of the university teachers have rich teaching experience and scientific research ability, but the production practice ability is relatively weak.

Therefore, it is especially important to build a diversified mode of mentor training and management. On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the knowledge structure of teachers, improve their teaching level and ensure the teaching quality of agricultural extension master students.

On the other hand, we can adopt the mode of joint cultivation of on-campus and off-campus supervisors, i.e. a graduate student is jointly responsible for by university supervisors and off-campus researchers, among which off-campus supervisors are mainly auxiliary and can provide sufficient conditions for production practice in the teaching process as well as the topic selection and guidance of the dissertation can be relevant to the real production problems, so as to make up for the shortage of practical experience of on-campus supervisors.

  2 Cultivation program and curriculum construction

  Since there are great differences in the work experience, knowledge structure and professional foundation of agricultural extension master students, the cultivation program should focus on broadening the foundation and highlighting the application, and at the same time, multiple elective courses can be offered for students to take according to their own situation, so as to play the role of credit system.

In addition, the training program should be revised with the regional characteristics of the school and the characteristics of the school, focusing on innovation; at the same time, practical teaching should be strengthened to be able to apply the scientific research results to the actual production and develop agricultural mechanization according to local conditions.

  The construction of agricultural extension master curriculum system should be in line with the characteristics of agricultural construction in universities and regional economic development, and on the basis of extensive market research, listen to the opinions and suggestions of agricultural extension committees and educational institutions, employers, training units, graduated graduate students and postgraduate students, etc., and combine with the school’s schooling characteristics to develop a suitable training program.

For example, the construction of public courses focuses on the intersectionality of disciplinary knowledge and the construction of special professional courses. Public elective courses can be taught with typical cases and focus on the cultivation of practical ability. For example, courses on classic cases of agricultural technology extension, evaluation of agricultural extension projects and science and technology paper writing, extension elocution and psychology, etc. are offered. In addition, in the actual teaching process, the course structure should be adjusted according to students’ feedback in time to build a flexible course system.

  3 Teaching Content and Teaching Method Construction

  The purpose of agricultural extension master training is to enable students to acquire theories and methods to solve practical problems. In terms of teaching content, teachers are required to focus not only on basic theoretical knowledge and the teaching of disciplinary frontier and cross-cutting knowledge, but also to combine the current problems faced by the development of agricultural mechanization at the right time. Therefore, in terms of teaching methods, teachers can organize teaching through diverse forms such as typical case analysis, academic seminars in professional fields and lectures on the frontiers of science and technology to effectively improve teaching quality [4].

  Teachers should form the teaching concept of giving equal importance to both theoretical and practical teaching in the course of teaching, and can strengthen cooperation with off-campus enterprises and research units to build corresponding practice bases to provide postgraduates with good practice and innovation platforms and internship positions. At the same time, teachers and students are encouraged to actively participate in enterprise research projects and product development. In addition, creating a good academic atmosphere and strengthening academic exchanges between graduate students and their counterparts at home and abroad are also effective ways to ensure and improve the quality of graduate training.

  4 Construction of quality assurance system for master’s thesis

  The quality assurance system of master’s thesis in agricultural extension as shown in Figure 1 requires the cooperation of graduate students, supervisors and experts in place to ensure the quality of the thesis The quality of the dissertation can only be guaranteed by the cooperation of graduate students, supervisors and experts.

The topic of the dissertation needs to be fully researched and demonstrated by the graduate students, and can be chosen from the scientific research projects of the supervisor on campus, or from the production practice of the supervisor outside the university, and can also choose the topic by themselves. It is advocated that the selected topic should be combined with the scientific research project of the supervisor, and the graduate students are encouraged to choose their own topic.

  After determining the topic, the graduate students should comprehensively consult the research results in related fields, determine the implementation plan and conduct pre-research to explore the feasibility of the topic.

Then write the opening report on the basis of certain pre-research results, and complete the opening session under the guidance of the supervisor and the opening defense expert team. After the opening of the topic and entering the formal research stage, you should make a comprehensive and in-depth detailed implementation plan and conduct a lot of research, write a mid-term inspection report, and complete the mid-term assessment session under the guidance of your supervisor and the mid-term assessment expert panel.

The expert team should strictly check the opening report and the mid-term examination process, fully justify and propose modifications or supplementary opinions.

  The graduate students shall conduct follow-up research and perfection after the mid-term examination and write the dissertation. The dissertation should strictly comply with the writing format, and its form can be new materials, new technologies, new processes and the development and exploitation of new varieties, etc.

Before the defense, two experts in the same field should be sent anonymously for review, and the graduate student can defend the dissertation only after improving and modifying the dissertation according to the expert’s review, and if the review is very poor, the graduation will be postponed.

The dissertation defense should strictly conform to the relevant process to ensure its professionalism and seriousness. The expert members shall strictly examine the quality of the dissertation and evaluate the dissertation and evaluate its merit.

After the defense, the graduate students shall further revise and improve the dissertation according to the experts’ opinions before submitting it to the degree committee, and finally the professional degree committee shall complete the final evaluation and merit assessment of the dissertation.

  Agricultural extension technology has an important position in rural development. The full realization of agricultural mechanization and the introduction of advanced technology into the field of agricultural production are necessary conditions for the realization of a large socialist modern agricultural country.

According to the actual situation, each university should actively explore the establishment of a postgraduate teaching quality assurance system suitable for itself and carry out effective implementation, so as to vigorously promote the comprehensive development of agricultural extension master education.

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Fiber laser craftsman machines will weld a large style of automotive components, resembling automatic door locks, keyless switches, fuel nozzles, shift gears, engine sensors, cab racks, hydraulic tanks, filter mounts, headlights, taillights, and so forth you’ll meet a spread of laser cutters on the market, a way to determine & choose?

Herolaser hand-held welding machine – build welders love their jobs even more. Having it foremost fictitious by Herolaser, the handheld attachment machine comes into existing with the most recent generation of fiber optical device, automatic wire feeder and fresh developed wobble welding head, that makes it utterly distinctive to fill the gap of hand-held 1500w laser welding machine. optical device cutting machine is principally wont to method metal material resembling unstained steel, carbon steel, and galvanized sheet, and so forth ZLTECH includes a strict and systematic internal control for every processing, from materials, production and delivery. we have a tendency to use high-tech exactness instruments to live the accuracy and transmission speed of the machine.

It doesn’t need the employment of any chemical reagents and cleansing solutions. The cleansed waste is largely a solid powder. it’s tiny and straightforward to store and recycle. It will simply solve the matter of environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning. MIG attachment methodology is less complicated to comprehend automation, solely have to be compelled to management parameters resembling welding speed, voltage, current, angle, and then on. In addition, though the accuracy of the MIG welding method is inferior thereto of the optical device welding method, the weldability is better.

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The monitor support contact touch, expands the tolerance vary of the machined components and therefore the breadth of the weld, that solves the disadvantage of tiny spot size and higher weld formation. With multiple safety alarms, it mechanically locks lightweight when removing the workpiece, which is safe. Before you purchase carbon dioxide laser machine for engraving & cutting, you ought to grasp what’s it?

Besides delivering powerful high speeds, the best quality, comfort, and vast functionality, their ergonomic, light-weight hand-held optical device guns have a performance like nothing else on the market. The laser attachment machine is employed to weld every kind of metal materials. It can notice stainless-steel mirror characters, stainless steel electroplating characters, stainless steel foil characters, exactness stainless steel characters, precision metal characters, iron paint characters, and so forth In addition, laser welding machines also can be employed in lighting and mould industries, communication devices, medical, electronics, copper components, metal parts and little attachment process industries. 3 in one hand-held fiber optical device welding cleansing cutting machine in our factory.

Handheld Optical Maser Attachment Machine customary

Herolaser handheld welding machine – build welders love their jobs even more. Having it first of all fictional by Herolaser, the hand held welding machine comes into existing with the newest generation of fiber laser, automatic wire feeder and freshly developed wobble welding head, that makes it fully distinctive to fill the gap of handheld laser welding market. optical maser cutting machine is especially accustomed method metal material corresponding to untarnished steel, carbon steel, and galvanized sheet, and so forth ZLTECH encompasses a strict and systematic internal control for every processing, from materials, production and delivery. We use hi-tech exactitude instruments to live the accuracy and transmission speed of the machine.

The three in one application and might be used as optical maser cleanup machine. versatile and convenient the hand held attachment gun replaces the previous fastened optical path, that is a lot of flexible and convenient, realizes remote laser welding, and overcomes the limitation of the travel house of the worktable. once the beam of light is focused, alittle spot is obtained, which might be exactly positioned to confirm the accuracy of cleaning and welding.

With 150+ R&D and support engineers team and our freelance capabilities for optical, electrical, software, mechanical development, and manufacturing, we have a tendency to are providing high-quality product and glorious service globally. The initial cost of a MIG attachment system is mostly under a optical maser welding system. However, the price of laser welding systems has been falling. Our excellent client support can assist you to settle on the correct laser marking machine for your needs.

The cleanup method doesn’t turn out any chemical waste, and therefore the non-contact cleaning methodology won’t cause injury to the substrate. once you modification cutting to welding , you wish solely change nozzle . once you modification attachment to cleanup , you wish solely change optical maser head and lens , then switch welding management sort to cleaning control type on package , operation is extremely simple , And this machine support English , Korean , Spainish , Portuguese Republic and Russian languages . optical maser welding machines have a good vary of applications, that to some extent take pleasure in their blessings and market demand.

It’s equipped with slightly screen, which is convenient to change parameters throughout work and alter the operation. the burden is 0.75kg, which is lightweight to use without fatigue. hand-held optical maser attachment machine with a 1000W, 1500 watt laser welding machine or 2000W fiber beam of light is accustomed weld butt, edge, tee, and lap joints. As a laser welding machine, the weld seam is sleek and beautiful; no have to be compelled to polish, no deformation or welding scars, and therefore the weld is firm. As a laser cleanup machine, it’s a “green” cleaning method.

And there are totally different nozzles for welding and match different wire with 0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6 diameter. Fiber laser artificer machines will weld a good form of automotive components, corresponding to automatic door locks, keyless switches, fuel nozzles, shift gears, engine sensors, cab racks, hydraulic tanks, filter mounts, headlights, taillights, and so forth you may meet a spread of optical maser cutters on the market, the way to establish & choose?

The skillfulness – wide selection of operations used on totally different materials in a very form of industries. simple Learning – lawman system with a digital bit screen and inbuilt manufacturing plant presets for attachment and cleanup to scale back learning curves. during this article, you will get the laser cutting basics, as well as definition, operating principle, types, features, applications, and trends in future. heterogenous functions, cleaning system and welding system is flexibly switched.

It’s safe, durable, and stable operating performance with long service life. a robust and stable water cooling system can make sure the excellent working of the fiber optical maser source. smart attachment impact The swing welding methodology and therefore the dimension of the welding spot are adjustable, and the welding fault tolerance is large.

Modern workplace style And furnishings Trends

For instance, office desks are currently equipped with sensors, wherever the worker will set predilection akin to the relaxation. Similarly, some furniture product are being factory-made with sensors attached, so as to boost posture, comfort, and efficiency. there’s an enormous marketplace for headquarters instrumentality and data technology.

With over twenty years of business LVT experience, Sandra has worked in Business Development for the Healthcare, Government and Education Segments of an outsized flooring manufacturer. getting into a job as Senior Director of commercial LVT development and sourcing, operating directly for the SVP of business Hardsurface. Sandra conjointly has worked with corporations to develop new LVT product lines and distinctive patterns with designers. Color helps companies continue whole, and lots of realize ways in which to include their brand or brand colours into the look of their area — together with coloured furnishings, pillows or perhaps flooring.

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The costs for headquarters furnishings embrace premium, mid-range, and economic, that are distributed by flagship stores, specialty stores, online, and others. EMR’s meticulous analysis methodology delves deep into the market, covering the macro and small aspects of the business. supported product type, the market will be divided into seating, systems, tables, storage units and file cabinets, and overhead bins, among others. On the premise of fabric type, the industry is segmented into wood, metal, plastic and fibre, and glass, among others. Direct Sales, Specialist Store, Non-Specialist Stores, and Online, among others, are the main distribution channels within the market. the main regional markets for piece of furniture are North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and therefore the geographic area and Africa, with the Asia Pacific accounting for the most important share of the market.

It will be achieved principally through culture, artistic workplace design, and technical tools. forever confine mind that your office features a important impact on however your company functions. Right from the look to the flow of every space, it’s very important to make the tone for your team to be economical and productive.

If you’re fascinated by new, returning and classy piece of office furniture trend, these are those to expect in 2016. Businesses ought to continue prime of latest trends so as to stay up up to now and knowledgeable. the house care & decoration business has been witnessing inconsistent growth, since the Covid nineteen outbreak. As a results of the continuing pandemic crisis, there has been a call the general performance of discretionary product cherish decorative fixtures, bedding products, to call a few. The virus eruption has, however, semiconductor diode to substantial growth in classes cherish improvement and hygiene products. Our team is diligently operating towards accounting these factors in our report with the aim of providing you with the up-to-date, unjust market info and projections.

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Steelcase High Wall Cubicle With Overhead

We tend to assembled at our workplace with ease thanks to his advice. From the self-propelled vehicle operator to the sales staff, they may not are additional friendly and helpful. The 2d 1/2 the order was shipped on to our office from the manufacturer before schedule. once will that happen, particularly in our current environment? i’d extremely suggest them for your furniture needs.

Schedule a visit to our industrial salesroom to look at thousands of products. Our commercial showroom isn’t receptive the final public. Schedule your non-public and pressure-free visit these days.

Our Secure Sockets Layer code is that the trade normal and among the simplest software accessible today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, together with mastercard number, name, and address, in order that it can’t be scan over the internet. Friant System is 6×5 and 54″ high and includes one storage cabinet. hammock Dividends is 6×6 and 50″high. you’ll get with or while not glass and includes 1 storage cabinet.& … Foshan Nanhai Xinda herbaceous plant trade Co., Ltd. manufactures and provides stylish, designer article of furniture for offices, homes, and public areas since 1990. the primary [*fr1] I picked up at their warehouse outside of Phillie wherever the manager meticulously suggested on assembly.

Add 4-circuit power to base raceway for extended direct association to receptacle knowledge and power access below. Sits on high of table to stay things out of the manner and safely stored. slippy dark teak door is ideal for binders, files, books and ornamental items.

Once it comes time to pick cubicle workstations it’s necessary to keep in mind that workplace area coming up with is needed. area planning will be a tough task, with workstations it is overwhelming. maybe they’re the foremost difficult furniture to area plan. Finding a layout that maximizes the space with these systems can be difficult.

Flipper doors flip a standard shelf into a lockable unit which will hide litter at the top of the day. generally most installations have one shelf and one flipper door per cubicle. All things are soldAS IS, wherever IS, with NO WARRANTYexpressed or silent by the heap variety appendant to the item. This sale is to the community as €œequipment and €œinventory€ without associatey silent or expressed warranty. Descriptions are believed to be correct however not guaranteed.When not bound of the condition or use of an item, please bid accordingly.

We tend to could collect in person recognisable data once you visit our site. we tend to conjointly mechanically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser together with your information science address, cookie information and therefore the page you visited. we’ll not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone. Your payment and private information is usually safe.

Since these systems are modular, they’ll be shipped with several components that must be assembled on site. it’s extremely counseled that assembly be left to the professionals. A self-installation will go awfully wrong and {will} doubtless leave the furniture with severe damage, and therefore the professionals will ought to be referred to as in to mend it. digital computer includes table, overhead storage, tall cubicle overhead cabinets, underneath desk files and tack board.

Our plant do build projects, in line with your workplace layout drawing, our factory can style nice and cozy office environment. – Review quite 2,000 contract items. sign on or produce an account to look at correct TXMAS Pricing. We produce merchandise that are sensible for people, and good for the world. Our products and operations are designed around a commitment to scale back climate change, strengthened by property practices across our worth chain. If you’re new cubicles, it’s useful to grasp the components and items thus you recognize what you would like to order to create an entire cubicle.

Luxury Desks For Executives

Produce a daring ambiance in your home geographical point or space and notice the proper fashionable govt table in your residence or workplace with Cantoni’s several options. What shapes and colors are government desks procurable in? workplace desks is found in many basic shapes. Some common ones you {may} occur throughout embody the essential rectangle, L-shaped desks, and infrequently U-shaped desks. associate office desk may in addition be gift in an exceedingly mess of colors, along with dark-stained wood, gentle brown, pink, white, grey, beige, or black. The desk’ hardware is typically present in gold-tone, silver-tone, or bronze-tone.

Luxury executive desk and designer digital computer desks, created in Italy. Wall Street luxurious trendy govt desk by Cattelan with marble-effect ceramic stone prime and lacquered structure with frontal compartments. each geographical point needs a unbelievable council chamber wherever you’ll notice some way to take care of conferences, interact shoppers and build an amazing impression. For that, you would like the right government boardroom article of furniture, and that we currently have every factor you’ll be able to presumably need from engaging wood tables to elegant chairs and nice storage units. we will offer you all the manager boardroom furniture you have got to make your council chamber a flight hit. Mayline Medina L-Desk with PedestalMayline Medina article of furniture offers distinctive fashionable characteristics which might presumably be positive to wow your workplace visitors.

Currently you’ll be able to show pride within the further area and storage at intervals the Ford table in either a left or mitt return. after you style your space with the best possible traditional of top quality via glossy, hanging furnishings styles you produce a superior office house that’s full of power which births creativity. At atmosphere Doré we will facilitate you’re taking your company to future degree. At Ambience Doré we tend to focus on creating the tactic of expressing your company’ explicit person vision and elegance, a simple and gratifying experience. we are going to stroll you via each step of the look method from preliminary planning, making a design, to budgeting and setting up your trendy geographical point furnishings. Mayline Medina table with cupboard and BookcasesEnhance your company enchantment with this cheap Medina sequence furnishings set with mocha laminate end.

World Dufferin Wood Veneer government table with Storage Wall The Dufferin assortment from world presents high of the road picket veneer furniture for upmarket interiors. This U formed government digital computer with rear storage wall offers ample… Medina workplace table Configuration MNT32This trendy U formed government geographical point desk with left come is furnished lots of operating space and storage.

From Mayline, the Medina assortment is {one of|one among|one in an exceedinglyll|one amongst|one in every of} our popular lines permanently cause. This line offers quite variant desks and matching accessories like wall-mounted cupboards and additional to upgrade your office. Their business office desks are procurable in a choice of sizes and shapes along with L-shaped desks for extra workspace. notice the most effective modern government tables for house associated business use right now. With helpful options and decisions to settle on from, we stock desks glorious for any home or work office. Hence, it goes while not locution that technology desk could be a win-win resolution up to date} day places of work.

The Master assortment of residence geographical point article of furniture is taken into account one among our sleekest contemporary ranges. It makes use of strong strains and immaculate excessive gloss finishes that personifies powerful design. The Bentley Mulliner handicraft is well recognised and brings an air of straightforward luxuriousness to the vary. the fragile animal skin belts are an exquisite characteristic that pulls along this stunning vary of up to date residence office furniture.

We will produce the precise government table you’ll be in search of. With the furnishings that we tend to offer, we can assist you propose and full a surprising business office suite for your corporation. confirm you get one among the most effective work areas for your staff, easy, trendy storage decisions that find time for along with your style and office chairs that provide the optimum stage of consolation.