How are threaded fittings sealed?

Thread connection, also known as screw connection, it is through internal and external thread to connect the pipeline and pipeline, pipeline and valve. This connection is mainly used for steel pipe, copper pipe and high-pressure pipe connection.

The first kind: the first thread is evenly coated with lead oil, and then clockwise uniform amount of winding hemp silk, And then screw on the wire pipe fittings, connectors (this way is a extension of the old method for decades, a little soil, but very practical).

The second: is to use the raw material with the outer thread clockwise winding 5-7 weeks (but this way sometimes leakage) and exposed parts of the joint easy to rust.
There is no hard and fast rule about the “several layers” of the raw material belt winding when the water pipe is connected. It should be able to tighten and not leak. But according to experience, usually need to wrap more than ten laps to ensure good sealing effect.
Correct winding method of raw material belt:

  1. Clean the joint area and keep it clean.
  2. Note the winding direction, for example, the angle valve in the wall inside the screw thread, Is the right clockwise rotation, in the angle valve wrapped around the raw material with the direction is to the left counter-clockwise winding, so that when the corner valve will be more tightly screwed, will not loosen.
  3. When wrapping, you should tighten the raw material belt, and let it be tightly attached to the thread, as tight as possible. Don’t loosen it, after wrapping it, you can also wrap it by hand.
  4. As for the winding “several layers” there is no hard and fast rule, to be able to tighten, no leakage prevail, but according to experience, usually need to wind more than a dozen laps to ensure the sealing effect.
  5. Screw thread when not to die screw, by the point of strength, does not necessarily have to screw to really screw can not leak, as long as the screw can feel to eat strength.

The third kind: the use of pipe thread sealant, glue liquid and air contact liquid to maintain liquid, When the glue solution is applied to the thread to form a circle and the assembly is closed, a curing reaction is generated in the metal thread due to hypoxia and under the catalysis of metal ions, Fill the entire thread clearance, forming a high strength, corrosion resistance, resistance to a certain temperature (150 ~ 204 °C), aging resistance, strong sealing and locking thermosetting plastic.

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