How to use the cleanser correctly? What are the basic steps of facial cleansing?

Cleanser is a very popular skin care equipment in recent years, use it to clean the face is not only save trouble and can wash particularly clean. But many girls for the use of cleanser, there is a certain misunderstanding, making it also greatly reduced efficacy. So, with cleanser to wash your face, in the end how should the operation is correct? The following three steps, really not one less.
The first step is to prepare your face.
Before using the cleanser, we need to wet the face with warm water. If you have enough time, you can also use a hot towel to heat the face, so that the facial pores can be as comfortable as possible to open, is conducive to cleansing more thoroughly remove the dirt in the depths of the pores. After doing a good job, use the palm to daub an appropriate amount of facial cleanser, rub out the foam and evenly smear on the face.
The second step, use the instrument to start washing your face.
Wet the brush head of the cleanser with water and adjust to the cleansing mode, then use the brush to start circular cleansing on the face, while circular to move, in accordance with the order of both cheeks, forehead, nose, chin clean. The amount of oil around the forehead and nose is more, so when you clean, you can let the cleanser stay in these two parts for a while.
The third step, clean the cleanser.
Many people will ignore this step after using the cleanser, which can easily lead to the proliferation of bacteria on the brush head. When used again, not only can not clean the skin completely, but also may cause skin allergies. Therefore, after each use, must immediately remove the brush head, rinse from the water.
Therefore, girls who want to use cleanser more effectively, it must not be lazy, the above steps and details need to be carefully done.

Facial cleaning is fundamental to protect the face skin. If you do not take off makeup and clean pores, dead keratinocytes accumulate in the skin surface, not only make the skin can not breathe smoothly, but also make dark, acne and other problems one after another. At this point, even if it is a good skin care products, because it can not reach the skin smoothly, it will not achieve the desired effect.

  1. 1. wash hands: wash your hands clean, because dirty hands rub out the foam is not beneficial to face. Wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer or soap for 30 seconds, then rinse your hands with running water.
  2. 2. wash off the external dirt: first with water to wash the face of the external dust attached to the dirt, in order to make the cleanser more effective.
  3. 3. heat compress: prepare a basin of hot water, the water temperature is a little hot, put a towel into the hot water full soak, take out, Gently twist to remove excess moisture, open the towel gently cover the face, gently press the towel down with your fingers, so that the towel sticks to the face and eye skin, stay for about 30 seconds, make facial pores fully open, and promote facial blood circulation.
  4. 4. massage cleansing: the cleanser rub out the foam, carefully and gently massage the face, remove the dirt in the pores. T-zone is very easy to oil, long acne, but not so hard to rub. You know, although the harder it will be cleaner, in order to resist foreign aggression, the skin will become hard by delicate, grow a thick cuticle. Clean face should pay attention to from inside out, from top to bottom, hands force moderate, with fingers finger pulp massage or tap the edge of the face, with the flow of warm water is better. According to the skin type targeted choice of cleansing products. A good cleanser can not only remove the deep dirt of the skin, but also has a good moisturizing effect, can make the skin moisturizing, while also eliminating wrinkles, keep the skin smooth and soft.
  5. 5. deep cleansing: dry face with a cotton towel moisture (do not use a towel to wipe the face), Pour a spoonful of salt in the palm of the hand, add hot water to fully melt salt into a thick salt solution, and then wipe the salt solution all over the face (except the eyes), gently massage in circles, 30 seconds after rinse with water. Oily skin and daily makeup can be washed with salt every day, dry and neutral skin is 3 times a week. Use Katya Ni special cleansing products can make the face more clean and fresh, the skin will become delicate and smooth.
  6. 6. Pat make-up water: After deep cleansing, dry face with towel, then pat the make-up water on face, evenly pat the whole face about 100 times, can promote skin blood circulation, keep skin smooth and elastic.