Research on teaching mechanical fundamentals in vocational colleges

  0 Introduction

  The Fundamentals of Mechanics is an important professional foundation course in mechanical majors in engineering colleges and universities, which serves for learning subsequent professional and technical courses and cultivating professional job abilities, and plays a bridging role for students to learn professional courses. The comprehensive and practical nature of the course is very strong, the teaching content of more concepts, principles, more abstract, requiring students not only to master the solid basic knowledge, but also have the ability to apply what they have learned to practice, is a theory and practice of a close professional foundation courses.

However, most teachers arrange the teaching of this course, theoretical knowledge is taught more, the practical content is carried out less, students have difficulty in understanding the knowledge content of the course, the teaching effect is not good. Therefore, it is urgent to reform the teaching of this course to stimulate students’ interest in learning and improve the teaching effect.

  1 The outstanding problems in the current teaching

  ①Teaching content is too much, and the explanation is too profound.

The course “Mechanical Fundamentals” involves a wide range of knowledge, concepts, principles, many teachers in the teaching process, the explanation of concepts and principles is too deep, afraid to miss every point of knowledge, teaching content completely dependent on the textbook, lack of relevance, does not reflect the characteristics of vocational education.

②The teaching method is relatively single, and the classroom teaching lacks innovation.

At present, most teachers in the mechanical foundation course teaching is still based on theoretical lectures, generally using the teacher to speak, students listen to the way to carry out, students are completely in a passive state of acceptance, the traditional form of classroom teaching still occupies a major position. For students who lack practical work experience, the knowledge content of mechanical fundamentals is abstract, and it is difficult for students to understand by teachers’ lectures alone, and it is difficult to stimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning by a single teaching method.

③Insufficient practical teaching, the teaching effect is not satisfactory.

Students do not have practical work experience, and mechanical foundation is a practical course, without the support of practical teaching links, it is difficult for students to understand the content of the course, many vocational institutions due to the conditions, not equipped with special mechanical foundation training room or equipment is old and backward, practice class time is small or lack of necessary practical teaching links, most of the time stay in the classroom, the teaching effect is not ideal.

④ The course assessment is one-sided and the learning lacks enthusiasm.

At present, most teachers mainly assess students by theoretical exams and measure the learning effect by scores, which leads to the lack of enthusiasm of students in general, and many students just recite theoretical knowledge before the exam to cope with the course assessment.

  2 Discussion of measures to solve the existing problems

  2.1 Reform the teaching content

  The course task of “Mechanical Fundamentals” is to enable students to master the necessary basic mechanical knowledge and operating skills, know the relevant mechanical working principles, understand the basic knowledge and application of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission; cultivate students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, and form good learning ability; make students develop a work style of love and dedication and good professional ethics. Therefore, the reform of teaching content should be closely related to the curriculum tasks, integrate teaching resources, and form teaching content with the characteristics of vocational education.

  According to the characteristics of the “engineering combination” talent training mode of vocational education, the teaching content should be reformed according to the principle of practicality and adequacy.

The contents that are not used in the actual work or rarely used are not taught or less taught, and the deep and unnecessary theoretical derivations and proofs in the textbook or the contents that are deep and difficult but not practical are discarded. According to the practical training conditions of our school, we can integrate the contents of teaching materials according to project-based teaching to form a set of teaching contents with the characteristics of our school.

② Determine different teaching contents according to students’ professional development direction.

For example, different majors such as mold, CNC, mechatronics, etc. have different requirements on the teaching content of mechanical foundation. Teachers should develop corresponding teaching content according to the training objectives proposed in the training programs of various majors, or according to the requirements of vocational job settings, and teach according to different majors (jobs) to form a complete set of teaching content that meets the needs of students of different majors.

③ According to the frontier technology of the machinery industry, the development trend to expand the teaching content.

With the development of science and technology, machinery manufacturing technology and equipment and the subsequent rapid development, teachers should be the machinery industry in the new technology, new methods, new technologies into the classroom teaching content, with the times to enrich the teaching materials.

  2.2 Reform teaching conditions

  In a sense, whether the teaching activities can be carried out smoothly and whether the teaching effect is good depends largely on the teaching conditions and teaching facilities. According to the analysis of the characteristics of mechanical foundation course, it must be equipped with good practical training conditions in order to complement the reform of teaching content.

  ① Establish a number of special mechanical basic practical training rooms.

Equipped with common mechanical transmission models, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission test bench and other practical training equipment, to create a good practical training environment for teaching, to achieve close integration of theory and practice, to carry out the integration of science and practice teaching, so as to cultivate students to analyze problems, solve problems and practical hands-on ability.

②Establish the mechanical design innovation studio or set up the famous teacher studio.

Guide students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, create conditions for outstanding students to participate in mechanical design innovation competition, and guide students to take the path of innovation.

③Establish school-enterprise practice base.

Establish cooperative relationship with the enterprises in the surrounding mechanical industry, so that the enterprises can provide practice places for students and carry out practical teaching.

  2.3 Reform the teaching mode

  It has been proved that the traditional teaching mode of teachers lecturing and students listening is no longer applicable to the development of modern vocational education, and the “engineering combination” mode adopted in vocational education requires teachers to change their concepts, improve teaching methods and innovate teaching mode.

  ① Carry out practical activities of mechanical understanding.

Before the class, students can visit the production lines of enterprises, laboratories, common machines or institutions in life to understand the basic principles of machinery, to gain a sense of mechanical understanding, to enhance students’ interest in mechanical knowledge. For example, if you teach about connecting rods, you can take students to observe the working principle of sewing machines and bus doors first, making full use of students’ curiosity to stimulate their interest in learning, so that they can change from passive acceptance to active learning.

② Conduct school-enterprise cooperation.

Hire enterprise experts to guide teaching, and arrange practical teaching at enterprise sites if possible to learn enterprise culture and professional knowledge. Teachers should also go deep into the enterprises to exercise, learn new technologies and techniques, and become dual-teacher teachers.

③Teaching according to the material.

Adopt different teaching methods according to different levels of students, such as psychological guidance for students with weak learning ability while strengthening learning counseling. Let students with strong learning ability set up extracurricular interest groups, provide more extension training, and let them use their basic mechanical knowledge to design some simple mechanical products independently, so as to improve students’ mechanical design ability.

④ Make full use of multimedia technology.

Make use of novel teaching forms such as catechism and micro-lesson, such as making mechanical transmission principle and mechanism movement into animation form for display, which is intuitive and easy to understand and master.

⑤ Make full use of computer and network communication technology to develop virtual practical training courseware and practical training network resources.

Establish network practical training teaching information platform to provide teachers and students with network practical training teaching environment.

  2.4 Reform the assessment method

  The traditional assessment method mostly adopts theoretical examination, which cannot test the students’ comprehensive application of knowledge and practical ability. The proportion of assessment, fully mobilize students’ learning enthusiasm, stimulate students’ spirit of re.

  ①The usual assessment accounts for 30%.

The main assessment of students’ learning attitude, from classroom discipline, class attendance, homework completion, etc. The assessment process is the process of students’ usual learning trajectory, which can play a role in correcting students’ learning attitude.

②Theoretical examination accounts for 30%.

It is mainly to assess students’ mastery of theoretical knowledge, which is done by answering questions in the examination, and is an assessment of students’ ability to understand and remember professional knowledge.

③The practical examination accounts for 40%.

It can be done through a specific practical task, investigation and research, experimental design, etc. The combination of process assessment and result assessment, with ability evaluation as the main focus, makes the examination of students’ professionalism ability more comprehensive and objective, and also makes the teaching activities more scientific and humanized.

  3 Conclusion

  With the deepening reform of vocational education, around the requirements of the new period for the cultivation of highly skilled talents, according to the actual needs of the occupation in which the mechanical graduates are engaged, it is necessary to conduct more in-depth research, reform and innovation on the teaching of “Mechanical Fundamentals” course, to further strengthen the practical teaching content and highlight the characteristics of vocational and technical education, so as to meet the demand of enterprises for skilled talents.

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We tend to go with our purchasers to reinforce their understanding of organisational culture, to enhance engagement among the various workforce, and to furnish areas with inspiring furnishings pieces. At Flexiform, we take the stress out of geographic point work outs and redesigns with our all-in-one service from design, manufacture and provide of workplace article of furniture, to project administration, relocation and set up. physicist furnishes the fashionable office with beautiful choices for personal places of work, convention rooms, cooperative spaces, and extra. Haworth is another firm you’ll boost the list of standard furniture makers sterilization the method the business operates. the globe office furniture China market is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 6.7% by 2024. The international workplace furnishings market is predicted to reach USD 87.6 Billion by the highest of 2024.

“Branch crushed a tough came upon in our new workplace at One World Trade Center. Didn’t carry a finger.” absolutely the quality evident in every physicist product outcomes from meticulous attention to part and fidelity to the design of craft. Our lounge article of furniture attracts individuals into cooperative settings with beauty and luxury. Offers weight-sensitive reclining and adjustable air and headrests, and has even been enclosed on the sets of many Hollywood movies and television exhibits. workplace rents are pricey and for any dimension of enterprise utilising your space with success need to be a main concern. OFC is happy to figure around your corporation day and when dark to furnish your workplace.

Compared to jazzman Miller and Steelcase, Urban workplace could be a relatively young company, primarily based back in 2005 among the UK. Urban workplace is believed for its product that are catered to the stylish office and for his or her customizable office furnishings. The firm is main the method for a massive record of standard article of furniture makers sterilization the best way the business operates and styles its merchandise. Having a sensible but fashionable operating surroundings is that the key to success.

Fifth on the list of the best ten geographic point furnishings makers within the world may be one among the biggest workplace furnishings producers in the world by financial gain with revenues reaching US$ 2.20 billion in 2016. HNI Corporation was primarily based seventy six years in the past in Muscatine, Iowa, with headquarters still there. Steelcase has been around for a extremely while — over a century to be particular. Steelcase is Associate in Nursing yankee industrial furniture firm based once more in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At article of furniture Online, we’re proud to provide the UK’s largest range of stylish workplace furniture and workplace chairs, available on-line for fast and easy shopping, ordering and delivery.

Executive Luxury geographic point Furnishings China Commerce

Ark may be a luxury Italian designer desk with construction in Canaletto walnut or shiny ebony. “The house is the image of the problems most dear to you – Giorgio Cattelan likes to mention – a world had been you’re enclosed by objects comforting in every form and essence. as a result of on behalf of me what’s attractive should be practical too”. For bigger than thirty years this complete furnishes each fashionable ANd ancient homes, whereas unendingly widening the provided gadgets. In 2011 Cattelan assimilate ARKETIPO, a celebrity company from Florence notable all over within the world for the assembly of style upholstered gadgets. Sunon’ very customizable Aulenti series luxury govt l form table tends to feature an desirable spectacular individualism to the chief’ workspace.

Once sorting out the correct nook sectional, look no further than the Mirage Reclining Sectional. it’s upholstered in slate gray prime grain animal skin-based with real split leather match on the again. The configuration consists of reclining seats on every finish, one reclining center seat, one stationary center seat and a bigger corner wedge. The desktop adopts a three-dimensional picket veneer technology, realizing a one-time molding of surface, therefore the wood texture appears a lot of natural and smoother. operating with you to handle your account, we are going to produce a shocking and distinctive geographic point suite for your little business that feels luxurious and appears tremendous.

They’re assured to help you create an incredible initial impression. Over the years, within designers have provide you with as many alternative getable furnishings combos as they might. That’s given customers straight away a lot of choices than they will have ever had before now. You’ll notice unnumberable things of ready-made government article of furniture that are elegant enough to take a seat down inside the foremost fascinating high-rise offices while not carrying the value tag you’d count on. we have a tendency to invite you to require a look at each govt fashionable table mannequin we now have within the catalog at your convenience. designs usually seen in luxury executive desk sort of styles could also be found on these government desks.

The seventy two” x 36″ Studio C Bow Front table by BushGive your workplace the standard you wish and therefore the kind you merit with the Bush Business article of furniture Studio C 72W Bow Front table. The prolonged surface presents more house to unfold out with a pc and more whereas… workplace supply Riveted assortment Industrial L-Desk with Privacy Panel fashionable style meets rustic type within the Riveted assortment Industrial vogue L-Desk. The distressed picket laminate prime creates a saved aesthetic. Medina Reversible U formed workplace Desk MNT39 by MaylineThis govt U desk from the Mayline Medina collection includes a seventy two” straight entrance desk with a forty eight half” universal bridge.

Mirage may be a high-end Italian designer table in clear glass ½’’ thick with rotating facilitate in b.. LLT is a luxurious Italian desk composed of a 5/8” thick clear glass prime with bevelled edges on t.. High-end Italian designer reception De-Symetria desk on the market with high in further clear tempered glas.. So, just in case you’re seeking to search out AN e-store which will cater your seek choice with out compromising with top quality then look no further. we’ve got each variety of desk that you’re in search of.

These days folks feel low regarding significant dark standard furnishings. Chairs in your workplace are on the market a in depth vary of sorts together with swivel chairs which can be sensible for providing a superb stage of mobility. Or, you have to be compelled to purchase a lot of primary chairs that are merely as comfortable for just about all of your staff inside the workplace. Mayline Model STL9 Sterling govt TypicalThe Sterling assortment provides a selected daring look that works well in every fashionable and traditional office environments.

Luxury Italian Designer geographical point Furniture, transform Your Work space With beautiful Furnishings

With piece of furniture like this, you’ll be able to maximise the extent of productivity in your corporation, conserving your workers pleased, comfortable and atmosphere friendly. we’ve a spread of sensible luxurious workplace desks for you to decide on from as well as explicit person desks and cluster desks, ideal for work centres. every of our desks is constructed to a excessive quality degree, fitting jointly superbly, with distinctive and thrilling styles that may guarantee they stand out as a characteristic in your workplace. All of our luxurious desks are crafted from the most effective provides to make sure they add lasting beauty to any workplace house. From modern desks to a lot of modern geographical point styles and vogues, discover our vary of designer high-end modern office furniture desks at present.

To straightforward furnishings pieces, appreciate this beautiful glass jailbreak table, will communicate volumes. return & discover your new modern space at actually one among our companion workplace furnishings showrooms. Studio C Bow Front workplace table by BushGive your workplace the workspace you wish and also the style you be with this Bush Business piece of furniture Studio C U formed table with Hutch and Storage. The prolonged 72W x 36D Bow Front table floor offers friends a… seventy two” x 36″ Studio C Bow Front table by BushGive your geographical point the standard you wish and also the sort you be with the Bush Business piece of furniture Studio C 72W Bow Front Desk. The extended surface offers extra house to displayed with a laptop and additional whereas…

All our desks are hand-crafted to order in an in depth vary of high finish luxury finishes and provides to accommodate our client’s interior necessities. Our assortment contains administrators desks, secretary desks, writing desks and restricted version desks. With the furniture that we tend to offer, we are able to assist you intend and complete a shocking govt workplace suite for your corporation. create positive you get the foremost effective work areas in your employees, easy, up thus far storage selections that slot in together with your style and geographical point chairs that gift the optimum level of comfort. If you’re in search of state workplace piece of furniture, we can help. Your home and private house shouldn’t combine along with your office, and you be quite simply a table and extra chair incommodious into a spare nook.

Our trendy workplace furnishings contains chairs, tables, bookcases, and file cabinets of the many varieties, beside business office furnishings and standard office furnishings. workplace desk furnishings includesL-shaped desks,credenzas, convention andexecutive desks, reckoning on the size of your house and also the sensation you would like in your home workplace. Our trendy office furnishings assortment includes all types of desk sizes, come desks, spacious storage cupboards and bookcases, modern file cabinets, fashionable office chairs and distinctive modern desk lighting. Grace your designer office with our vary of luxury office furnishings solutions. aside from measurement, there are alternative wise concerns once choosing a desk.

MASSAUD is a table lamp with a efficient design with optical lenses and a light-weight… Harmony of lines, high degree of high quality, mounted attention to particulars, as nicely as on the lookout for ergonomy, performance, ability … Be the primary to get our new arrivals and style inspiration, and show pride in 10% off your first order on full-priced items. the nice piece that introduced the whole theme collectively… Deliveries and started aren’t enclosed in our prices, and whereas you’ll be able to get the merchandise delivered immediately, we tend to advocate an consummate installation. A corner desk is one alternative great choice if you don’t have tons area in your office otherwise you rather like having 2 separate areas within one space.

The factory-made victimization the absolute best quality materials, our office modern ranges have a spot within the business and contract division, best for hotels and dealing geographical point atmospheres. ought to this be of curiosity, converse with thought-about one among our devoted professionals straight away who can assist you more in reaching the desired look. Being content and cozy in your working environment is very important among the contribution to productiveness, notably once performing from house. Our luxurious home office solutions allow a workplace you’ll ne’er tire of, whether or not or not utilizing seven days each week, or just once the requirement or want arises. If a tailored chance is needed actually one among our Interior Designers is on the market to debate the alternatives gettable and to show your dream trendy residence geographical point into a actuality.