Production Basics


● All machines constrained by SIEMENS Systems interfaces

● German designed creation apparatus, most quite

Thielenhaus superfinish apparatus

● CRB and TRB with logarithmic raceway Bearing for mining equipment supplier profiles for

ideal bearing life

● Internal resistance P5+ exactness

● Vertical turning apparatus for hard turning measure

● 3-Stage ultrasonic washing gear

● Quality Control

● 100% recognizable material, segments, producing,

gathering, and so forth

● Data grid or standardized tag checking on item. No blending

during taking care of

● Manufacturing SPC controlled at focus of resilience

Progressed Quality Management Systems

● Mahr profile meter

● Mitutoyo Roundness Tester

● Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing Machine

● Zeiss Metalloscope

Crude Materials and Components

● 100Cr 6, Jiangsu Xingcheng unique steel

(SKF Grade 3 super clean steel is standard)

● Forging: Zhangjiagang Hongyang steel items

organization (qualified by Schaeffler)

● Brass confine: Becotek (Sweden), and TLD Dalian

(Schaeffler supplier)

● Stamping confine: Harsha (confine supplier of Timken

also, Schaeffler)

● Roller: Haiyate (roller supplier for NSK and SKF)

● Salt shower through solidifying, case solidifying, and

treated steel solidifying (Bainitic solidifying moreover


● Upon demand, held austenite under 2% can

be ensured 62 (+/ – 2) HRC up to180°C

● Temperature settling up to S4/350°C

Hard Turning

● High hub load conveying limit because of streamlined rib contact

● A more significant level of energy effectiveness because of decreased frictional force

● Lower support costs

● Lower working expenses because of diminished energy utilization

● Increased execution

● Suitable for very high outspread burdens

Appropriate for exceptionally high velocities


● Modern metrology and an environment controlled assembling climate reliably gives exact estimations

● Reduced resiliences levels of ABEC 5 or more

● Control over material and interaction for requesting applications

Material, Forging and Heat Treatment

● Ultraclean, incredibly wear safe, low oxygen level bearing steel

● Forging and ring moving in best in class offices

● Salt shower solidifying, alongside freezing treatment to guarantee lingering austenite levels lower than 2%

The RBI Difference

• Our Customers Trusted Partner for more than 25 years

• Established Quality Brand

• Wholly Owned Bearing Manufacturer

• Wholly Owned Precision Machine Parts


• Wholly Owned Casting Manufacturer

• North American Sales, Service and Warehousing

• Bilingual North American Sales and Engineering

• Bilingual Asian Sales and Engineering

• Licensed International Trading Company

• Manufacturing Facilities are ISO9001 and TS16949


• Cross Culture Integrated Working System

• Engineering and Technical Support

• Custom Product Development

• Logistics Experts

• Sourcing Specialists

• Customized Stocking/Consignment Programs