Shrewd high-proficiency channel press effectively takes care of the issue of fine-grained iron metal filtration

As of now, China’s iron mineral assets have two qualities: one is more helpless metal, helpless metal out of the stores represented 80% of the all out holds; the second is more multi-component concurrence of composite metal. This has likewise prompted the continuous advancement of iron mineral beneficiation toward multi-stage fine crushing and re-appointment, and the iron metal concentrate and tailings are additionally better in size, and the earthenware vacuum channel initially utilized in the separating area has been not able to meet the prerequisites of on location sifting dampness and creation limit.

The CJ series wise and effective channel press is another sort of side feed channel press freely created and made by Luzhou Changjie Filtration Equipment Co. The multi oil chamber quick squeezing innovation and programmed recurrence change vibration helped release innovation altogether abbreviate the single process duration of the hardware, diminish the work cost of endeavors, further develop the creation proficiency of ventures, and accomplish specialized markers obviously better than the vacuum type channel machine and customary chamber channel press.

As of late, Changjie CJ series high-effectiveness channel presses have been effectively applied in many iron mineral undertakings at home and abroad. To further develop the item high efficiency vibrating filter press grade, an iron mineral following undertaking in Panxi expanded the fineness of iron metal crushing from the first – 200 cross section 85% to – 400 lattice 95%, and the trouble of iron metal concentrate and following filtration was additionally expanded, the clay vacuum channel sifting dampness surpassed 18%, and the distance between the smelter and the handling plant was just about as high as 600 km, bringing about high transportation costs and refining costs.

After numerous correlations, the organization at long last picked Changjie CJ series smart and high productivity channel press, the dampness of iron metal concentrate is under 10%, and the single unit limit of 500 level hardware comes to 1500t/d, which significantly lessens the transportation and refining cost of iron mineral concentrate.

The gear additionally takes on Changjie Filtration smart administration framework, which guarantees the steady low dampness and high limit of the handling plant, and furthermore assists the plant with understanding the every day report the board of the limit of the on location shift, which further develops the data level of the venture.

Channel press hardware maker

The total arrangement of filtration hardware incorporates channel press, vibrating rotator, blender, transport, programmed dosing machine, twofold drive thickener, mud scrubber, channel cake smasher, and so on, which are generally utilized in strong fluid division fields, for example, ecological assurance, substance industry, food, drug, metallurgy, coal handling and tailings. The recently evolved “Sunlight based Sludge Drying System” can dry slime to 20% water content and understand the proficient asset usage of ooze in an energy-saving, harmless to the ecosystem and low-carbon way.


Model 2600 program-controlled energy-saving and high-proficiency stomach channel press

The energy-saving and high-effectiveness channel press is planned and fabricated with the reconciliation of machine, power and fluid, utilizing the long chamber stroke to pull numerous plates immediately, which significantly abbreviates the dumping time contrasted with the normal kind; as the plate pulling engine embraces recurrence transformation engine, the tedious for plate pulling and dumping is short, so the energy-saving and high-productivity channel press is more energy-saving than the conventional sort.

The energy-saving and high-effectiveness channel press can accomplish programmed control of all cycles, for example, channel plate squeezing, sifting, squeezing, back-blowing, washing, channel plate delivery and dumping; this model is outfitted with a stomach plate, which changes the volume of the channel chamber by water tension or pneumatic force after filtration, and presses the channel cake to additionally lessen the water content of the cake. The channel plate is made of built up polypropylene shaping and the stomach plate is made of supported polypropylene forming and hot overlay, which is of worldwide driving level. Simultaneously, the electrical and water powered parts are made of brand-name items with a long help life, so the energy-saving and high-proficiency channel press is the ideal sifting hardware.


Program-controlled programmed channel press

The stomach channel press comprises of a shut channel chamber framed by the outside tension of each channel plate, which is isolated from strong and fluid by the channel media (channel fabric, channel paper and other channel materials) under the activity of the material exchange siphon. The hardware is generally utilized in the fields of water treatment and dewatering in different ventures, for example, oil, synthetic, drug, food, starch, dyestuff and coal mining.


Shut sort low temperature channel cake dryer

Improvement and testing began in 2013, put into market use in 2017.

Reasonable for entering materials with water content of 55%-83%, the release water content of 3%-half is openly customizable, with a decrease of over 80%.

Completely encased construction, no smell discharge.

40℃-78℃ low temperature working, more security, no residue danger.

Water/air proof framework joined with heat recuperation innovation, no hotness misfortune.

High strength against erosion material creation, steady and strong, not impacted by the climate.

Basic common development necessities for the drying studio; (the dryer establishment is 250mm over the ground, condensate streams out by its own weight. Dryer establishment levelness necessity is under 5cm, establishment load-bearing prerequisite: unique burden 1.4 tons/m2).

The drying system takes around 60-120 minutes, arriving at (Pasteur) disinfection conditions and successfully killing more than 90% of E. coli.

Power drying: 2.5-5 kg of water yield for 1 level of power.

Squander heat drying: 1 ton of water yield requires 1-1.2 huge loads of steam.