Stainless steel pipes and fittings

Stainless steel materials can be used in modern medicine to implant health materials in the human body. After decades of development, has been widely used in food processing pipeline, beverage, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical industry and many other industries; In particular, it is widely used in medical human implants with high requirements on material safety and health; Such as: medicine commonly used in human body steel stent, human body nail, artificial bones, artificial teeth and so on. At present, we have seen in a variety of environmental different delivery pipe, only stainless steel material is really healthy material, is the only medical implant material. Also will not bring any harm to the human body a high – performance, high – quality environmental protection pipe.
The main features of stainless steel pipe are as follows:
1: To meet the people’s high standard of health needs; The stainless steel pipe has the characteristic that it will not produce harmful substances and will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality, which reaches the national standard of direct drinking water quality.
2: Enjoy 100 years of 100% recycling
Stainless steel pipes have a service life of nearly 100 years, and can also be completely recycled products. It will always be a wealth product. It is not hard to dispose of garbage, but wealth beyond imagination.
3: Energy saving, water saving, cost saving
The heat preservation performance of stainless steel pipe material is 25 times that of copper pipe material and 10 times of PPR pipe material. The heat energy is transmitted by the utility model, the loss of heat energy in the transmission process can be reduced, and the thermal energy can be maximally utilized.
Pipe burst is the root cause of unnecessary waste, the strength of stainless steel pipe is currently the largest strength of water pipe materials, It greatly reduces the water leakage caused by external forces in the past, and effectively ensures the safety of water pipes and water conservation. The inner and outer walls of stainless steel tubes are smooth and have high corrosion resistance. In the long-term use of the inner wall always remain as smooth as new, so as to effectively reduce energy consumption, save the cost of transportation, transportation is the lowest cost of today’s water pipe materials.
4: high-grade sanitary ware clean assurance
Use of stainless steel pipe will not pollute high-grade sanitary ware, to ensure that high-grade sanitary wares will not produce non-removable “red seal” and “blue seal.”
The uniqueness and superiority of stainless steel
A unique role of passivation
Water PH value, air, oxides, dissolved oxygen, impurities, water treatment agents and so on are important factors causing pipe corrosion. Stainless steel passivation of its role is able to react with a variety of oxidizing acid substances, forming a long-term surface protective film, to prevent the occurrence of various reactions again, so corrosion resistance beyond the general metal pipe. And almost all other tubes have this characteristic.
Two: pipe wall wear resistance excellent ordinary pipe wall in the water transport process is easy to be high pressure, high strength water erosion, So that the harmful substances in the pipe for human consumption, human health is difficult to estimate, seriously will endanger the safety of human life. Stainless steel pipe can be 25 m / s ultra-high speed environment safe operation, Its inner wall is smooth, rust – resistant and wear – resistant, does not produce erosion objects, which will not harm the human body.
Three: material strength super;
304 material stainless steel tensile strength greater than 530 (n / mm2) is the general water pipe material 2-10 times, Pipe tensile strength is not enough, is the main reason for water pipe leakage caused by external forces.
Four: excellent temperature resistance in various environments
The stainless steel pipe normal working temperature is -270 °C to 400 °C high temperature to ensure a long time safe work. Under normal working temperature, the stainless steel material will not precipitate harmful substances with temperature change, and its performance is extremely stable. Many ordinary pipes at 40 °C began to produce harmful substances, produce odor; Under the action of temperature, the corrosion rate of the inner wall of many pipes is aggravated.
Five: pipe wall to achieve industrial mirror level
The finish of the inner wall of 304 stainless steel pipe has reached the industrial mirror level (grade 2B). The smooth inner wall of pipe is an important weapon to prevent water pollution and reduce flow resistance coefficient. If the smoothness of the pipe surface is low, the flow resistance coefficient will increase and the transportation cost will increase, the impurity condensation will occur on the inner wall of the tube, which will breed bacteria, produce odor, and eventually result in water pollution.

Characteristics of clamping pipe fittings:
After nearly 40 years of development, first in foreign industrial countries took the lead in the model of clamping pipe, In recent years, many developed countries and regions have formed the pattern of vigorous development, and gradually formed the mainstream products of connecting pipes. The products have the following characteristics:
1: The most efficient and secure connection
The parts connected by the clamping pipe are almost one-time connection “dead” connection strength is high, anti-vibration amplitude is very small. It avoids the possibility of loosening the pipe “union” easily caused by engineering construction, pipeline resonance and earthquake. 2, save time and money
The installation operation is simple and easy, no welding, no wire set, one card that is, the installation time is only 1 / 3 of the welding pipe fittings and wire sets, the field operation is very convenient and fast, greatly saving personnel costs.
3: Meet the national technical requirements
Stainless steel pipe production process has met the technical requirements of embedded installation form, in line with national CECS153-2003 “building water supply thin-walled stainless steel pipeline engineering specification” (threaded pipe can not be embedded installation) related provisions.
4: Zero maintenance cost (maintenance cost = 0)
Stainless steel pipe only needs a one-time investment can enjoy life, no longer need to invest in maintenance, replacement and other costs. Secondary input cost = 0.
The overall advantages of stainless steel pipes and fittings
The combination of stainless steel pipe and clamping pipe mainly embodies the following advantages.
A: Tracking the whole process of quality inspection
Pipe and pipe fittings of all raw materials, from feeding to production and then to the warehouse, each pipe and each pipe fittings have strict inspection procedures, pipe and pipes with inspection procedures up to 100!
Two: good quality material
In the selection of raw materials on pipe selection of the international best 304 stainless steel raw materials, layers of checks from the source to ensure the quality of pipe and pipe fittings.
Three: less investment returns
The investment cost of stainless steel pipes and clamped pipes accounts for a very low proportion of the total construction investment. Less than 1 / 4 of the galvanized pipe, if coupled with repeated maintenance and replacement costs, stainless steel pipe costs less than galvanized pipe costs 1 / 10. If the use of other tubes is not considered, Losses incurred during the use period (including: personal property losses, property losses to third parties, re-construction personnel costs, material input costs, lost time, service charges, etc.), Will be the cost of pipe, pipe fittings 10 times – 50 times. Moreover, the pipe and pipe fittings are all stainless steel 304 material can be completely recycled, with the excessive exploitation of resources, stainless steel raw materials are increasingly scarce, today a wise investment, perhaps in a hundred years later will be two returns.