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Exploring the Diversity of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation Applications

With the continuous improvement of machinery and equipment, the functions are gradually increasing and the operation level is improving, the development speed of China’s industry is also accelerating, and the benefits created for enterprises are gradually increasing. However, the traditional mechanical design and manufacturing has been unable to adapt to the needs of modern social development, but also causes the waste of all kinds of resources, but also reduces the production quality of equipment, the lack of necessary functions, which will directly hinder the development of China’s industry. Therefore, people should pay attention to the study of the effective combination of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation applications.

1 Development of machinery manufacturing and automation and the need for development

The most primitive concept of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation is to use machines instead of human hands to complete some labor or work tasks that can be repeatedly operated. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the level of automation technology does not only stay in a single repetition of dull mechanical action, but has a “brain” that can think independently according to the setting of the relevant program, to accurately complete the established tasks, but also in the first time the system problems, self-diagnosis and maintenance. The overall operation tends to be intelligent. Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation has undergone the development process from simple to complex, from local to overall, and is playing an increasingly important role in the production life of today’s society.

Machinery manufacturing is a basic industry in China. Our country has always been very concerned about the machinery manufacturing industry. Because, it will not only affect the economic progress and industrial development to a large extent, but also to a large extent affect the comprehensive strength of our country. China’s traditional mechanical design and manufacturing work, the development of plans are lagging behind, consume more materials, and the application of equipment is not advanced enough. These problems lead to low production efficiency and frequent mechanical failures. Moreover, there are many difficulties in the repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment. This has hindered the development of our industry to a certain extent. However, with the emergence of automation technology, China’s machinery manufacturing industry has shown a gradual development, mechanical design work gradually improved, and, automation technology can add many practical functions for mechanical design and manufacturing. Automation technology not only helps to save manufacturing costs and production plant materials, but also helps to improve the operation speed of relevant equipment and save a lot of human resources. Therefore, the development of machinery manufacturing and automation procedures in China is of great significance.

2 China’s mechanical design and manufacturing and automation technology use characteristics

In recent years, China has been making efforts to develop and research advanced science and technology, so the technologies in China are always improving rapidly. But compared with other developed countries, China’s mechanical design and manufacturing and automation technology work is still not perfect. Our country has developed advanced technology for a relatively short period of time, and is still in the period of learning and borrowing technology from other countries. Many developed countries in the world have begun to use nanotechnology, CNC technology, etc. in the mechanical guidance industry, but China’s work in this area still has a long way to go. Because of the limitations of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation technology, the scope of its application is also subject to some restrictions. Today, most of China’s machinery manufacturing plants, although the concept of mechanical automation has been introduced into the production of products, but the real automation used in the entire production process is very few. Many factories due to the limitations of the technical level, the production of rough products, the cost of larger, no competitiveness in the market economy, and even lead to the bankruptcy of some enterprises. The backwardness of the technical level of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation is, in the final analysis, the lack of high-tech talents. China’s industrial industry is currently in the period of old and new, the old generation of technical personnel did not receive adequate theoretical knowledge education and high-tech training, and just graduated from college students, and the lack of corresponding practical experience, resulting in China’s mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology level is still unable to make great progress. However, through a period of time, China is about to have a group of modern high-tech talents with technology and culture, which will improve the level of China’s mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology.

3 Diversified analysis of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation applications

3.1 The use of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation applications

Relevant personnel should improve the mechanical processing system and reasonably use programmable controllers and industrial robots, so as to promote the automation work in the basic work and promote the stable development of China’s machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, the current situation of the development of the economy in the country should be fully considered to improve the work related to manufacturing, promote the coordination between different steps, and keep pace with the development of mechanical design and manufacturing work. Under the conditions of various advanced technology applications, attention should be paid to the use of new manufacturing technologies. These include machinery manufacturing automation technology, sensing technology, and information technology. This is conducive to improving the modern management system, to ensure that the corresponding management of the production organization, the extensive application of various new technologies, to promote manufacturing and automation technology with a holistic character, which can improve the competitive strength of China’s manufacturing industry. Therefore, China’s machinery manufacturing cost control work needs to reach a higher standard, but also the reasonable management of technical design, manufacturing and product development work. At this stage, the first problem that needs to be solved in China’s manufacturing industry is the rational use of machinery manufacturing systems. The key to improving the competitive strength of the machinery manufacturing industry lies in improving production efficiency, developing markets, ensuring the improvement of labor productivity, effectively controlling manufacturing costs, optimizing various resources, and improving the level of manufacturing work. These specific links need to rely on the innovation of new machinery manufacturing and automation technology as support.

3.2 Diversification of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation applications to explore

With the formation of the globalized market, developed countries use advanced economic and technological means, financial means, etc. to dump mechanical products, which has a very great impact on the normal development of China’s machinery manufacturing industry. In order to ensure the application of advanced manufacturing technology in China, it is necessary to carry out the update of the technical system of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation. This is conducive to the absorption of the latest achievements of the current manufacturing technology, update the traditional manufacturing technology of, to ensure that the new scientific and technological achievements penetrate into all areas of product production. For example, the application of nanotechnology, the technology to achieve nanoscale precision in mechanical manufacturing, through the application of nanoscale, the study of atomic and its molecular structure, so that the manufacturing industry with advanced, practical, to achieve the development of its application range. It is very necessary for manufacturing enterprises to carry out coordination of mechanical nanomaterial technology and nanoprocessing technology in order to obtain good independent scientific and technological achievements. In the current process of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology application, through the application of precision engineering technology, can enhance the precision of the products of mechanical manufacturing industry, which involves the application of microfabrication module, nanotechnology module, etc., to ensure the application of micro mechanical electronics, micro robots, etc. in the mechanical manufacturing industry. Through the application of highly automated modules for machinery manufacturing, it can meet the needs of international competition in machinery manufacturing industry. Rapid prototyping technology rapid prototype parts manufacturing technology, which is designed to break through the principle of material removal used in traditional processing technology, and adopt the principle of addition and accumulation. Its representative technologies are layered solid manufacturing, fused deposition manufacturing, etc.


In summary, with the gradual emergence and development of various science and technology, China’s machinery design and manufacturing industry has undergone some changes. The relevant personnel through the reasonable use of different technologies to promote the mechanical design and manufacturing industry gradually with the function and characteristics of automation. In the future development process, China will apply more advanced technology to promote the development of mechanical design and manufacturing industry, while taking effective methods to update the industrial production model, promote the automatic integration of mechanical work, save resources and materials as much as possible, avoid causing pollution, recycling resources and energy, etc. The diversification of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation applications has a broad development prospect and is worth promoting.